March 30, 2023
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How to prevent car sickness nausea ?

How to prevent car sickness nausea ?

How to prevent car sickness is a problem that a lot of people care  when travelling. Most of people usually use medication, but there are also have some methods to prevent  sickness nausea without medication.

Car sick is caused by disorders of the inner ear affecting the balance feeling, it can lead to nausea, dizziness and get tired. This is an important symptom of the most typical of sickness. For ordinary people, the discomfort will terminate when the trip is finish.

However, for people with cardiovascular disease or gastroenteritis, the symptoms can become worsen .

How to prevent car sickness by sleep ?

Yes, very simple, you should get enough sleep before departure is very important to you. With a poor health due to lack of sleep and anxiety, you will easy  to get sickness or nausea. When car is running if a little sleep will help you a lot to forget the feeling carsick.

How to prevent car sickness by natural methods?

Peel of orange or tangerine : You should remember to bring an orange or a tangerine on a car. The fragrance of oils from them will help you feel more comfortable.

Vinegar food: Before get in the car, you can drink a glass of warm water mixed with vinegar. Doing this, you can prevent motion sickness .

Fresh ginger: Cut a slice of fresh ginger , when sitting in a car, you put it under the nostrils. And also can cut a piece of ginger and paste it  to the navel. In addition, ginger tea is also an effective method. You can drink ginger tea before you go. Suck on ginger candies is also a solution, sweeteners will help you to improve brain circulation.

To prevent car sickness you should avoid :

Avoid eat too much or drinking alcohol before going. However, you should not get into the car with an empty stomach. It just makes you more uncomfortable.

Do not read books or see the map when riding. Just  have a look  at a few lines in the books can take you into a state of drunken car immediately.

Avoid sitting next to car sickness people as well because you also will be "spread"  the car immediately.

The best way  is choose the seat far away with the tail of car. The front seat is usually less than shock.

Not looking at the scenery around because your eyes must take a rest, or talk to the people around.

If the weather is not too hot, you should open the window, turn off the air conditioner to have natural breathing. If required to turn on air conditioner, set mode to take the wind out and avoid direct wind in your head. Do not sit directly in the sun.

If you have friends come along on the trip, have fun chatting with friends so that the story will help you forget the feeling of sitting in the car.

Use a mask protecting you from the smell of the car .

Some  effective medicines against car sickness :

1 hour before get into the car. For people who usually have car siskness can take 2 capsules while using fewer for children.

Use a wrist pad and umbilical which you do not get car sick. You can make this way of travel sickness by pressing lightly between two ligaments section about 3 cm and backward elbow. Use another piece of Salonpas paste in the navel. With this way ,can help you keep your belly warm.

Hope to share  the way of prevent travel sickness as above, you will have a fun trip , healthy and not get car sick!

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