February 06, 2023
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10 Things you should do while visiting Hanoi during Autumn season

10 Things you should do while visiting Hanoi during Autumn season

Autumn in Hanoi is coming and leaving very quickly. Hanoi these days, in the middle of October, is the best weather of the year. Although the autumn of Hanoi is no longer the same as before, but when it comes it still make people feel interesting. So for not regret when autumn season leaves, you must do 10 things as below.

1. Go around West lake, drinking beer while watching sunset with your friend

In the cold weather, sitting somewhere near the lake, chatting with your friends after hard working day, seem to be the best idea. If you have never been done this, let try it!!

2. Hang over in the street while midnight, try some Phở at night.

When the weather is not too cool, it is very awesome when overnight with friends. If you feel hungry, don’t forget to drop by the vendor and try some Phở at night.

3. Check in with the yellow leaves

Must take a picture with the yellow leaves and then post on Instagram for showing to all the friends on friend list.

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4. Enjoy an ice cream while the weather is cool as awesome

This weather can’t make the ice cream melting so fast, so you can slowly enjoy the ice cream with no rush.

5. Smell the milk flower- Hanoi’s autumn signature

Hanoi is so beautiful and romantic in autumn because the flowers of Milk flowers perfume. Milk flowers are always unlimited inspiration for composers, writers and poets.

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6. Go buy the green sticky rice (cốm) and try it slowly

This is a folk and elegant food in the autumn Hanoi. Cốm is normally eaten by hand, a pinch at a time, or served with red persimmons and ripe bananas. Chewing Cốm slowly is the way to enjoy its subtle scents, tastes and softness.

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7. Wake up early have breakfast.

If you don’t wake up early and go outside during the perfect weather, there will be guilty with the weather, trust me. Go to old quarter, have a breakfast and finish with the cup of coffee, that’s make your day.

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8. Go shopping

It’s very sure that you have to buy new clothes when the weather changes right. Ask your best friend to come with you to make sure you will have a nice choice.

9. Have a coffee at coffee shop in Hanoi old quarter

Hanoi now has a lots of beautiful coffee shop new-opened. Have some coffee with the view of Hanoi old quarter is the best idea for these days.

10. Confession with the person you like

Hanoi’s autumn will be perfect if you have someone to love. Be brave! Tell the person you love how he/she mean to you! “Hanoi now come into Autumn season, so why you don’t open your heart to let me come into”

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