October 03, 2022
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10 Top Instagram and Photography Spots in Hanoi (part 1)

10 Top Instagram and Photography Spots in Hanoi (part 1)

Hanoi - the thousand year old cultural capital of Vietnam- is the center of culture and politics of the country with preferential natural landscapes as well as the historical monuments. All of them have created the unique attraction of Hanoi.

Throughout the city you’ll find fantastic landmarks, beautiful architecture and streets, friendly locals and heaps of things to photograph. If you travel to Hanoi and you want to take some awesome pictures about Hanoi for memories; If you want to post on your Instagram or Facebook to show to all your friends that: “Hey!! I already traveled to Hanoi, and this place is awesome”; this post will help you!!

Here are top 10 instagram and photography spots in Hanoi:

  1. West lake

West Lake is the most romantic corner in the colorful picture of Hanoi due to the harmony between the lake and the surrounding flowers and plants which is of great difference from the hustle atmosphere of the Old Quarter.

West Lake is beautiful for not only the green and immense water but also the purple of Lagerstroemia, the red of phoenix flower, the gentle pink of lotus and the green of tree leaves, the fresh sunlight in early morning.

The space is a bit sad with the row of drooping willow in the winter afternoons.


Some couple come here to take a pre wedding photo (source: Pixel Photography)

This serves as the dating place for people of all ages who come for sightseeing and to talk to each other, to express their feeing, etc,.


  1. Hanoi walking street/ Hanoi Old quarter

Recently, Hanoi city open the Old quarter walking street; the aim is to promote the Vietnamese culture. It’s an amazing place for both local and tourists to chill out after a stressful working week.

The walking street is surrounded Hoan Kiem Lake; start from 6:00pm on Friday until 12:00pm on Sunday

In recent days, the service of taking photos and wedding photos in Hanoi pedestrian street is becoming more and more popular because it not only has beautiful scenery, closely associated with many symbols of Vietnam country people, but also more convenient when the street is now no longer transport vehicles.

Source: Pixel Photography

Around the lake is always crowded, there are many people often take pictures. Since walking the streets, people can be more free and comfortable to save the beautiful moments.

And surprisingly, this place is also a famous place for people check in on instagram and facebook.

Trang Tien street

  1. Hanoi’s St. Joseph's Cathedral

One of the first structures built by the French colonial government was St. Joseph’s Cathedral, which opened its doors in 1886, making it the oldest church in Hanoi.

The exterior of the neo-gothic cathedral is reminiscent of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris. Its most striking features are its twin bell towers, each an impressive 31.5 metres high. The interior is distinctly Western, with made-in-France stained glass and other Catholic artefacts. However, red and yellow (colours of the Vietnamese flag) also feature prominently in the cathedral’s interior design.

It is must-check-in place in Hanoi, trust me!!


To be continued....