May 23, 2022
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100 amazing things to do in Hanoi (part 2)

100 amazing things to do in Hanoi (part 2)

Hanoi is the center of the cultural and historical quintessence of the whole country, and it is also a gathering place of bustle and entertainment. Who told Hanoi to just go around, watch movies, hang out around the street, go to café shop and go home?
If you are "stuck" because you do not know where to go, what to do in the Hanoi capital, then here is "100 things to try when coming to Hanoi" for you. (part 2)


Click on the link below to read the part 1 for more information:

51. Go to D’Alice Petite Bakery 55 Trần Quốc Toản street in order to have some delicious cake and tea.
52. Take a picture with the old apartment behinds Đồng Xuân Market
53. Check in at Jouri Dessert & Tea, serve the best dessert & tea, fresh & unique decoration and good service in the heart of Hanoi.
54. Eat Hàng Trống street’s Mixed rice paper (bánh tráng trộn)

55. Eat noodle with meat balls (bún mọc) at Hàng Gà street
56. Back to childhood time with Cư Xá coffee at Khương Thượng street
57. Go to Platform coffe- 24 Quảng Bá street, Tây Hồ
58. Try to eat eel soya noodle (miến lươn) at Hàng Điếu street
59. Camping at Trầm Moutain
60. Check in at Hàng Đậu water tower.
61.Eat Wonton noodle (mì vằn thắn) at Hàng Chiếu street
62. Check in at De Tầm coffee

63. Overnight at Puku Café
64. Check in Long Biên Aeon Mall shopping center
65. Visit Vietnam museum of Ethnology
66. Check in West lake (near the Intercontinetal west lake hotel)

67. Go to The Hanoi House coffee (near Saint Joseph Cathedral Hanoi)
68. Go to C’est Si Bon at 18 Điện Biên Phủ street
69. Eat Bun Thang at Cầu Gỗ street
70. Eat sweet sticky rice at Ms Thìn’s sweet sticky rice- Hàng Bồ street.
71. Check in at Kone Café 295 Khâm Thiên street
72. Check in at Phan Đình Phùng street at 7:00 am
73. Check in at Nghĩa Tân apartment 60 Hoàng Quốc Việt street.
74. Drink lemon tea at West lake’s lake side.
75. Visit Smiley Valley fim studio
76. Eat Viẹtnamese fermented pork roll grilled on barbecue at Ấu Triệu alley
77. Watch tarot reading at Ms Diệp’s tarot
78. Go to Sixty Square, the place for retro style lover
79. Buy books at Hanoi book street
80. Pray for study successful at Temple of Literature.

81. Run 1 round for exercise at Mỹ Đình stadium
82. Visit the Aquarium at Times City
83. Eat Dry beef salad at Hoàn Kiếm lake
84. Listen to Vietnamese traditional music (hát xẩm) at Ngọc Sơn Temple
85. Smell the Milk flower’flavor
86.Eat snack or street food at Tạm Thương alley
87. On 1st of month (lunar calendar) go for praying at Phu Tay Ho temple
88. Pray for peace at Phúc Khánh temple
89. Explore Hanoi city by double decker bus

90. Eat snail vermicelli soup (bún ốc đậu) when in Hanoi
91. Eat noodle with fried tofu and shrimp paste (bún đậu mắm tôm)
92. Playing Vietnamese traditional game in Hanoi walking street at weekend.
93. Eat all the junk food at Đồng Xuân alley
94. Check in at Gia Lâm airport
95. Visit Thang Long Four Sacred (Bach Ma temple, Voi Phuc Temple, Kim Lien temple and Quan Thanh temple)
96. Hang around Hanoi Old quarter and eat street food
97. Visit Ba Vì national park
98. Check in with Constellation of Literature pavilion (khuê văn các) which appears on 10.000 VND
99. Take a picture at Gia Lâm railway station, Long Biên bridge

100. Imagine that visiting Hanoi and save this check list to do


Hope you guys can have a lot of information before visiting Hanoi- Vietnam's capital ^o^