March 30, 2023
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Experience for 1 year old baby traveling

Experience for 1 year old baby traveling

During the holidays, many families have the need to travel and and want to take their children with them. To help you prepare better and more thorough for the trip, I will share my experiences for 1 year old baby traveling with family.

* Choose the place

Ideally, in the time when children are too young, parents should choose nearby tours, such as a tour of resting or shopping, not move too much by cars and ships. In addition, should avoid tourist sites in the forest, or have to climb a lot, just dangerous for the baby, very hard for parents. Besides, the tourist sites should not be far from the center where there are medical and public services.

* Choose the time

Appropriate time for each trip with the baby is 3 days 2 nights, traveling will be much more tired , along with having to constantly move, your baby will be unable to keep a stable health.

* About the transportation

Parents should choose to travel  by plane or train, these are the two types of safer vehicles. Besides, if you have to go by car or ship should also limit the time and distance to move . When choosing a seat, should choose the first seat to be convenient to travel and avoid motion sickness. Experience for 1-year-old traveling children should prepare documents such as birth certificates, or even bring a household registration books to prevent sth happen.

* Experience preparing clothes for baby travel

Because your baby's essential items are pretty much, parents should pay attention to ordering luggage or arranging for more suitable  when carrying them.

* Necessary documents

For young children, the document to bring is a birth certificate, in case your child has a history of special illnesses or previous health problems, it may also consider additional papers related.

* Clothes

Parents should bring a lot of clothes for children because 1-year-old babies often have to change clothes many times. It is also need  to bring long clothings even in the summer because the hotel or resort may have air conditioning or a lot of mosquitoes.

* Milk

In addition to the nutritious formula milk of 1 year old babies for daily use, parents can bring convenient ready-made formula for easy to use. Be sure to cover and store it carefully or remember the name of the milk so you can buy it.

* Cart

A few places , they can offer baby carriage assistance or rental. If the baby stroller is not traveling too bulky, you can fold and carry the same luggage.

* Instant porridge

When traveling often eat at restaurants, so there will rarely be food suitable for young children. Therefore, you need to bring instant porridge for your baby to travel, with just enough quantities to be easily processed when your baby is hungry.

* Suitcase

The suitcase pulls for children traveling on sale are very popular in the market. However, it is only suitable for children from 5 years old. For 1-year-old babies, the amount of luggage is very large, you should use a suitcase to separate your baby's belongings.

* Toys for children

Find out which toys are your favorite and can play long without getting bored. Coloring books, drawings ... can be carried, especially to avoid too bulky toys, on the plane even water bottles, glasses ... can easily be turned into toys for children.

* Personal hygiene items

Bring all kinds of personal hygiene gadgets, safety for your baby . Limit buying in the resort as it may be more expensive and not guaranteed quality.

* Bowls, spoons and bottles

Keep these travel essentials in separate trays and boxes. Rinse thoroughly or sterilize with boiling water before using for babies.

* Medications

Some medications to take are antibiotics, fever, diarrhea, even medical bandages. Also, remember to bring baby anti-insect skin creams.

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Hopefully, with this article, helped parents can know the experience for 1 year old children traveling as well as what the baby should travel to prepare: how to arrange them and where to go.