February 06, 2023
Vietnam Travel Tips

Top 7 notes you need to remember when traveling to Saigon

Top 7 notes you need to remember when traveling to Saigon

1. The weather in Saigon:

The weather in Saigon has two seasons: rainy season and dry season. However, no matter what season it is, it cannot avoid the hot weather. Sometimes it suddendly rains to make decrease hot weather. However, many tourists love this warmth of Saigon.

This is also an important note for tourists coming to Saigon. You should prepare short, cool clothes. If you are going out , you should bring an umbrella, it can help you cover the sun and very helful if it rains .

Sai Gon raining

The erratic weather here can also make many tourists unfamiliar with health problems. Medicines such as headaches, sore throat, etc. can be easily purchased, but if you have medicines that treat diseases, remember to bring them with you when traveling!

2. Should have a map :

Saigon is a large city with many roads and tourist spots. Therefore, if you are not really familiar with the road, you should immediately buy yourself a map, often sold in bookstores. Besides, you can immediately use Maps applications in mobile phones. - A map will help you know your location, in addition to help you find interesting places to visit. - An extremely great advantage is that you absolutely can travel by yourself wih the map or avoid being bullied when riding a taxi or motorbike.

3. Means of transport :

In the center of Ho Chi Minh City, there are many means of transportation to help visitors easily move from one point to another such as bus, motorcycle, taxi, ... But if you want to visit at suburban locations, you can choose to ride a bus or rent a car for self-driving.

One way street signboard

When using these vehicles, you should be a little careful with the drivers, you should bargain in advance about the price.

Be careful with one-way street - Saigon is a crowded, bustling city with many streets. So this place is also more one-way streets, prohibitive than in Hanoi.
If you travel by public transportation, do not worry, because the drivers must have belonged to these roads. However, if you want to freely explore Saigon or hire a self-driving car for the whole family, be careful not to violate traffic rules!

4. Shopping in markets:

In the tour, sightseeing and shopping at the big market in Saigon is the experience that you should try. Because shopping is a way that you can discover products that are typical of the region where your country doesn't have. Market items are always cheaper than in supermarket.

A small note when going to the market, please select the goods carefully, refer to many places to sell and bargain, discount prices.
Some famous market addresses that you should visit:
Ben Thanh Market , Tan Dinh Market , Ba Chieu Market , Binh Tay Market, Cho Lon

Binh Tay Market

Ba Chieu Market

5. Note when walking around the street:

Walking around Saigon is one of the interesting experiences that tourists cannot miss. However you should choose to walk on the clean streets, less dust.

A common situation in the city is robbery, especially small bag or jewelry. To ensure safety for both people and belongings, you should be careful when walking, avoiding to bring expensive jewelry, holding bags and always be careful.

6. Note about accommodation:

When you arrive in Saigon, accommodation is also a thing that makes tourists worry. If you choose to rent a room in the central of the city, price is more expensive.

You can choose to overnight at the homestay or hostel. This choice is extremely suitable for you who love to live with peaceful nature.

7. Streets cuisine:
Not only in Saigon, street food is a special cultural feature - try to go to some cities in Vietnam. With the diversity of these dishes , you must be tried when coming to Saigon.

However, no one can guarantee about the quality of these addresses. You should choose the shops that have been reviewed well, look at how to cook clean.

Food street

With 7 notes mentioned as above, we hope you have a good trip !!!