February 06, 2023
Vietnam Travel Tips

Viet Nam travel tips: 10 things to know before visiting Hanoi (part 2)

Viet Nam travel tips: 10 things to know before visiting Hanoi (part 2)

For more information, please read the part 1 on this link below:


6. The people in here are very friendly and kind
Most traveller visiting Hanoi get the impression that Vietnamese are warmly people. Whether it’s asking for directions or striking up a conversation with a local at the market or in a café, don’t be shy.

If the person speaks English, they’re likely to be willing to talk or help you. If they don’t speak English, they’ll still try to help or find someone who can. Use Vietnamese phrases such as Xin chào (sin chow) for hello and Cảm ơn (gahm uhn) for thank you, and see their faces light up with a smile.

  1. The price in Hanoi is very cheap.

 At first glance it may seem that this is a shopping Paradise, where tourists can buy a lot cheap useful things and Souvenirs with the cheap price. Otherwise, the goods is variety: food, fruits, clothes, souvenir, etc.,

  1. Haggling while shopping is needed

As with a lot of Asian countries, you need to haggle for your purchases.

In Vietnam price of things are very cheap, but expect to pay whatever you can haggle for it. If you don’t haggle you’ll be ripped off majorly because the markups they have while quoting prices are huge.

  1. Take care of your belongings

In general, the Vietnamese are very kind people, but as anywhere in the world, you need to be careful of theft.

Pickpocket can act in some tourist attractions, so please:

  • Don’s show any expensive items carelessly
  • Avoid using mobile phone while being in a busy street
  • Carry your camera and your phone with the strip around your body
  1. Some Vietnamese basic words:

It’s always good to master some quick words, not only it can help you to communicate with the locals, but also guarantee you to get a smile return

  1. Hello! - Xin chao! (sin chow!)
  2. Goodbye - Tam Biet
  3. How are you? - Ban co khoe khong? (ban co kwe khome?) also, Ban the nao?
  4. I'm fine, thank you! - Cam on ban toi khoe (gahm un ban thoy kwe)
  5. And you? - Ban thi sao? (ban ty sao?)
  6. Thank you - Xin Cam on (sin gahm un)
  7. You're welcome - Khong co' gi (khom go zee)
  8. Yes - Vang (vung)
  9. No - Khong (khome)
  10. Excuse me/Sorry... - Xin loi (seen loy)


I hope this article will help you alot while traveling to Hanoi, Vietnam in general!!  v^o^v