December 03, 2022
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What to do in Ha Long Bay in 2 days 1 night

What to do in Ha Long Bay in 2 days 1 night

Are you going to visit Vietnam (Việt Nam)? If yes, then a visit to Vietnam would not be finished without a trip to spectacular Halong Bay (Vịnh Hạ Long), with the iconic limestone peaks and green waters.
A visit to Vietnam wouldn’t be complete without a traditional junk boat cruise around spectacular Halong Bay, with its iconic limestone peaks and emerald green waters.
Being recognized as the Natural Wonder of the world by UNESCO, Halong Bay is among the worth-visiting landscapes in Vietnam for tourists, both domestic and international, who love discovering wonderful works of the Mother Nature. Halong Bay might be most beautiful during summer, yet sometimes it has heavy rains or even sea storms. In the autumn, the weather is ideal and cool for vacations and holiday.
Coming to this natural wonder, you will not only be able to witness the breathtaking scenes of the nature but also enjoy numerous popular but interesting things to do in Halong Bay.
If you have 2 days 1 night in Halong, this post will help you to list what to do in Halong!

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1. Transportation from Hanoi

There are a lot of car companies run Hanoi - Quang Ninh route from My Dinh station. Some famous car companies can refer to: Dai Phat passenger car, Kim Lien passenger car, Duc Phuc passenger car, Hoang Cong car company, Hoang Long company, etc
Ticket prices range from 80,000 VND - 150,000 VND/person

Recommend: You should go to Quang Ninh by limousine bus for more comfortable during 2 hours transportation. The price is higher, for sure, but the service is better.

2. Where to stay in Halong
You can easily book a room for your trip by using; Agoda; Airbnb. There are variety price for you to choose: expensive price for hotel 4 stars, villa; cheap price for homestay.

Otherwise in Halong have a lots of nice and well service hotel such as: Halong Plaza hotel; Alex Hotel, BMC Thang Long hotel, Muong Thanh hotel, etc.

3. What to eat in Halong
Do you love seafood? Then you’ve come to the right place! If you’ve already been traveling around Vietnam for a while you will probably have tasted great dishes already, but Ha Long Bay takes this to a whole new level. Here you are right at the source for some of the country’s most popular dishes, so be sure to try the following specialties and the many dishes made with them.

Halong horseshoe crab (Sam)
In the past time, the horseshoe crab was not used much as food. But nowadays, people have process it into delicious food and surprisingly, it become the specialties in Halong. Sam is cook in various dishes like: sweet sour Sam, grilled chopped Sam, egg Sam, etc.

Ha Long Snails
The variety of snails in Ha Long Bay is close to endless. And the supply is so rich that there are entire restaurants that dedicate themselves to serving this delicious seafood.

Halong Razor clam snail (ốc móng tay)

Halong Oyster
Like lobster, oyster is one of the famous seafood in Halong.There are many ways of processing such as baking oysters, cooking with porridge but the best way is boiling or steaming because these ways can help maintain the nutrition and taste.

4. The Itinerary for 2 days 1 night:

Day 1:
We jump into the bus around 7:30 and then arrive to Halong around 10 am. Have lunch and then check in hotel/hostel.
After taking a short break, we decide to go Quang Ninh Museum.

With a bold and unique architecture, Quang Ninh Museum is a brilliant museum with valuable artefacts reflecting the natural heritage of Halong Bay.

A whale skeleton, boat models, images and documents displaying history of Buddhism culture and wars in Vietnam, and other exhibits displaying economic and cultural achievements of Halong, you can find it all at this museum.

The ticket price is 40.000VND/ adult; 20.000VND/ student; 10.000VND/ children
Free for children under 120cm height;
Opening time: open all days of the week (except the last Monday of month)
Time: 8:00 to 12:00/13:00 to 17:00

After that, we move to Halong Sun World Park- one of the must-go- place.

With an area of 214 hectares, Sun World is a recreational park in Halong offering an unparalled experience. The major attractions include Dragon park which has some thrilling rides, the unique Queen Cable Car system, Ba Deo Mystic Mountain Fun Park taking you to an ancient time, the picturesque Zen Garden and the Sun Wheel standing 215 meters high giving the Most beautiful Halong Bay views.
Have dinner at Sam Bà Tỵ restaurant. This restaurant is really famous in Halong. Must try!!!
After that, we go back to hotel for shower, and then spend a night time at Halong Night Market.

Day 2:
We wake up early in the morning to climb to Bai Tho Moutain to see the sunrise. This 200 metre high hill is a half an hour trek, but on reaching the top, the panorama of the bay will make it worth a stop.

You can see small islands and rocks of different shapes and sizes, and a witnessing sunset here would just be a cherry on the top.

Watching sunrise at the top of the Bai Tho Moutain is an amazing experience


After that, we go to Halong seafood market. Go back to hotel for check out and buy a ticket at Tuan Chau Harbor for cruise trip.

We go to Ha Long bay by 4 hours day cruise. After having lunch on boat, we can see Halong kissing chicken rock- one of the most unique and photographed pair of islets in Halong Bay, the rock formations loom 12 metres over the water.

Halong kissing chicken rock

Tourists, especially photographers, usually visit here during sunrise and sunsets when the light casts a beautiful hue. Then, we visit Thien cung Cave- One of the largest and the most beautiful caves of Halong Bay, popularly known as 'Heaven Cave' is a natural wonder.

Thien Cung cave

It has a magnificent system of stalactites and stalagmites of strange shapes like birds, fishes and human activities illuminated with fluorescent lights. Along with this heavenly beauty, the cave also has three small ponds.
We arrive to the Tuan Chau harbor at around 4pm; after that we go back to Hanoi.


In order to exploring the natural beauty of this Natural Wonder of the world, you could also join in some outdoor activities: like scuba diving, kayak, night squid fishing, etc; and enjoy relaxing moments when visiting around the Bay. Last but not least, Halong Bay itself is a legendary with breathtaking, magnificent scenery that every tourist will feel and experience in their own way.

Hope you have a great moment while traveling to Ha Long Bay!!!