March 30, 2023
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Binh Tay Market

Binh Tay Market

Binh Tay Market ( Cholon Chinatown Market) is located between 4 routes Thap Muoi - Le Tan Ke - Phan Van Khoe - Tran Binh Street (District 6) , and was built in 1928, is one of  a big market and beautiful architecture in Ho Chi Minh City with the area 25,000 m2 .

Binh Tay market with many layers of roofing, creating the unique architecture in Vietnamese markets. It also creates cool spaces for the market which used to be one of the busiest trading places in Saigon.

The statue of Quach Dam

This unique project was invested by a Chinese businessman named Quách Đàm in Binh Tay village around 1920. The market started in 1928, was built with reinforced concrete, completed in 1930.

 To commemorate his merit, the local people have placed the statue of Quách Đàm businessman at the center of the market, right on the way from the entrance to the wide yard. They often come to burn incense, offered offerings to him and prayed for good business and trade.

 In 1992, the old Binh Tay was too degraded, leaked, and should be upgraded to a new market. In 2006, the market continued to be invested to renovate the area of Tran Binh - Le Tan Ke to be more spacious and for the third time, Binh Tay market was invested by the People's Committee of District 6 to invest in the project "upgrading and repairing comprehensive "according to the socialization model, with a total cost of VND 123 billion.

 After two years  of renovation, Binh Tay market has officially  opened  on 15th Nov 2018, with over 1400 stalls with many items to serve the people in the western area  and some provinces near Ho Chi Minh City

The main products of the market include: abalone, fish bubbles, mushrooms , jams, cakes, clothes, shoes, leather bags, household items, …

 The market items are very rich and diverse in types, prices are suitable for middle-income people. The business model in the market is mainly wholesale to the localities.

Roses flowers - use as a kind of tea 

Chrysanthemum tea - very good for health


These are some photos inside Binh Tay Market


Non La -one of the most popular souvenirs when come Viet Nam


Mask for children with multi-colorful

Shoes are very cheap price.

Nice hats for ladies

Items for family


Every year, there are over 120,000 international tourists visiting and shopping at the market. Coming to Binh Tay market, visitors have just been looking at ancient architecture, learning the history of the market and shopping with suitable prices.

Around Binh Tay Market area, there're too many Chinese medicine stores such as on Trieu Quang Phuc Street, Luong Nhu Hoc Street, Hai Thuong Lan Ong Street.

Open hours of Binh Tay market : 08:00-17:00 Daily. 

Add: 57A Thap Muoi, Dist 6, HCMC , Viet Nam