March 30, 2023
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Cam coffee (Quán Cầm)- A peaceful place in Hanoi city

Cam coffee (Quán Cầm)- A peaceful place in Hanoi city

Between a modern and bustling Hanoi, Cầm is perhaps an ideal rendezvous for nostalgic souls, which is loving old and simple things.

(Image source: Facebook Quán Cầm)

Quan Cam hides itself on the second floor with a tiny path, but just a little wander, you may be able to go through it without seeing it - a place of peace, lightness and nostalgia with great things familiar between a modernand prosperous Hanoi heart.

Source: Instagram: haphuonghoang

Cam coffee is located in the complex of 60s, No. 60, Tho Quan lane, Kham Thien, Hanoi.

The coffee space is decorated with many outstanding features, although the coffe does not have a bright light, even in the eveining, the place will only light up with the light of oil lamp

Quán Cầm in the evening (source: Facebook Quán Cầm)

Perhaps, people come here to feel the old taste, to spread their hearts, live slowly but peacefully in the heart of noisy Hanoi. Occasionally, Cam also held a small music concert with old music and old love songs for guests to experience music coffee with 100,000 VND for a drink; then the guest comfortably enjoy the super-romantic but not super- sad space here.

Quán nhạc cầm- the place helding music concert every Friday evening (source: insta haphuonghoang)

(source: Facebook: Quán Cầm)

If you want to find peace in your mind, Cam is the place you have to visit

The cute kitty at the coffe shop (instagram: haphuonghoang)

A place  to regain energy after tiredness (instagram: haphuonghoang)


You find Cam coffee in here:

Area 60s, No. 60 Tho Quan lane, Kham Thien, Dong Da district, Hanoi.
Opening: every day except monday, from 9am-10pm