March 30, 2023
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Da Dia Reef – Unusual masterpieces of Phu Yen

Da Dia Reef – Unusual masterpieces of Phu Yen

Have you heard about the Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass Homeland in VietNam?

This is Phu Yen province. Phu Yen has a lot of beautiful landscapes, such as: My A Beach (Long Thuy), O Loan lagoon, Hon Chua, Hon Yen islands, Tien Beach, Da Trang Pagoda, Vung Ro Port, Ro Bay, Bac Deo Ca Natural Preservation, Krong Trai National Preservation and Go Thi Thung Vestige, etc.

The Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass Homeland

But today, we will introduce to you about an unusual masterpieces in Phu Yen – Da Dia Reef with special 35,000 stone columns.


Da Dia Reef is of 50 meters wide and stretches for more than 200 meters. We’re sure that you are absolutely amazed at the first time coming here because of the unique of this landscape. The rocks here are vertically arranged into columns, well – jointed to each other, with hexahedral or round shapes like dishes laying on top of one another therefore it has the name of Rock-Dish Reef.

Da Dia Reef  is structured with a surprising geology, including bountiful rocks in disparate shapes: circular, pentagonal, hexagonal or other polygonal looks. They are stacked together in a heap or fixed in pillars like plates overlapped each other. After surveying and testing sample, the geologists said that these are black and yellow basalt rocks. From a far corner, the whole area looks like a giant beehive.

Next to Da Dia Reef, there is a sandy beach of about 3 km long. The sand here is white, clean and smooth, the water is clear and blue and very suitable for an ideal marine resort. The scenery here still keeps its isolated beauty and the pure environment.

When visiting Phu Yen, you should spend time checking-in with this usual masterpiece that the Nature gifted Vietnam. Now, Da Dia Reef still remains its pristine beauty and is certainly unforgettable for any visitor on seeing.