March 30, 2023
Destination Discovery

Discovery with Green Space in Vam Sat Ecological Zone

Discovery with Green Space in Vam Sat Ecological Zone

From Ho Chi Minh City about 40 km, Vam Sat Ecological Zone (called Can Gio Mangrove) attract visitors by blue and white mangroves of millions of the egret gathered each year.

It takes about 1 hour away from centre of HCM City- Vam Sat Ecological Zone is the nearest Ecological Tourist Sai Gon

It has been recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the world in 2000, with mangrove fauna is very rich. Here, tourists can travel by canoe or by car to enter the site, then start excursions and take photographed in Dam Doi by boat.

Visitors come here feel very peaceful

This is Đầm Dơi area

The mini crab with blue color looks very strange 

Visitors look very interesting

The most interesting is to look the bats . Bats here on high trees but we must keep quiet. Sometimes only one person in the group ever discovered and the orther people take a few minutes later can see.

Bats come here belong to the season up to hundred of  them hang on very high trees

Visitors were able to see the vegetation characteristic of this land is the mangroves.

Not only walking on the forest , guests also enjoy the mangrove river by canoe.

Crab Fishing

Crocodile fishing

Experience the feeling of adventure with Crocodile fishing

Monkeys and some animals

A panoramic view of the ecological zone from Tang Bong Tower

You can easy to see thousand of birds on the sky

Tourists take photo with satisfaction coming here

Speacial food here is Can Gio Crab

Don’t forget to enjoy mullet fish  this area . Fantastic with grill !!

One more special food here are mudskippers fish. It’s very big . Bigger than orthers I have ever seen

Vietnamese caramelized pork dip for vegetables

Fruits for dessert

How to get there ?

These are some ways :

From Ho Chi Minh City, to get to Vam Sat, travelers along routes to Nguyen Tat Thanh  Street, Dist 4 , straight to Binh Khanh ferry. From here, visitors can have two ways to go.

First way is by car along Rung Sac , when come to Dần Xây Bridge , continue to Ecological Zone by cano .

Second way is from Binh Khanh ferry , take around 13km to the centre of Lý Nhơn village, continue around 20 km will be come.

Let's take your friends and family come at weekend or holidays....on your free time!!!