May 30, 2023
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Lang Biang – Where love begins

Lang Biang – Where love begins

Lang Biang Mountains is located on Lang Biang Plateau, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province. Only 12km from the central of Dalat, you will see Lang Biang Mountains standing imposingly and beautifully like the roof of Dalat city.



So named after a Romeo and Juliet-esque love story that ends in bittersweet death (like much of Dalat’s lore), Lang Bian Mountain consists of three peaks – the most visited being an old American army radar base and landing pad; and the other two Lang Bian (2,167 meters) and an unnamed peak (2,124 meters). The tourist area is located at the 1,929 meter mark on the radar base, and houses a small minority shop where you can buy locally made cloth, purses, bags, wallets and more.



Upon entering the gate to Lang Bian – you’ll see the Disney-fonted “Langbiang” sign (which is the Vietnamese spelling) gracing the slope ahead – you pay an entrance fee of VND20,000 per adult and VND10,000 per child.


K’Lang and Ho Biang love story



Legend says that the name Lang Biang was derived from the name a couple who were deeply in love with each other – the boy named K’lang and the girl named Ho Biang. They fell in love with each other after K’lang saved Biang’s life from a fierce heard of wolves. However, they weren’t allowed to get married due to the long-standing feud between their tribes.


Generally, there are two versions of this story. One said that at last, they got married and then moved onto a mountain to live. Unfortunately, when Biang caught a critically illness, K’lang had to come back to the tribe to ask for help, the people here shot him with a poisonous arrow. However, it was Ho Biang to be shot since she had shielded her husband. K’lang could not suffer such loss, he cried and his tear made up a big stream which is now called Dankia (the Golden Stream). The second version said that: the couple committed suicide together since they couldn’t get married.



In both versions, Ho Biang’s father was so repentant of his daughter’s dead that he unified the tribes into one called K’ho and allowed boys and girls in K’Ho group to get married to each other. Their graves then grew into the two giant mountains, and in order to memorize the couple with profound love, the mountain range was renamed into what we call it today: Lang Biang.


Nowadays, Langbiang tourist site has been known by a lot of local and foreign tourists with its multiform biology of plants, animals and its attractive amusements such as climbing mountain, camping, taking eco – tours and researching native culture.



Camping, exploring the natural flora, bird-watching and enjoying the unique culture of ethnic minority groups are recommended activities for tourists coming to Lang Biang. Also, Lang Biang is an ideal place for adventurous activities like mountain climbing, conquering high peaks, paragliding and trekking. “Thung lung Tram nam” (Hundred-year valley) which lies at the foot of the mountain is regarded as an entertainment and ecological tourist site.





How to get there


For those who enjoy the convenience of transport, car and motobike are absolutely suitable to climb up the beautiful path to Lang Biang peak. Moreover, trek-goers wouldn’t be disappointed with such a challenge. The up-to-the-top-hike takes from 3 to 4 hours.