May 30, 2023
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Post Office Central – The heart of Sai Gon

Post Office Central – The heart of Sai Gon

Post Office Centre locates in the heart of district 1, opposite of Notre Dame Cathedral. It is considered as the architecture symbol of Hochiminh city.

Outside of Post Office

This building constructed by French during 1886 – 1891 year with Europe style with combination with decoration as Oriental culture.

Europe architecture

At the first time coming, many people think this is the train station because outside look like the replica of station in Europe country. Inside the post, there are two history maps: Saigon et ses enrirons and Lignes te1legraphiques du Sud Vietnam et du Cambodge.

Map in the Post Office

At now, it is becoming more popular for not only foreigner but also many domestic customers. There are many souvenirs you can buy for your family or friends to remark your trip. Or you can buy the card and write some wishes to your family during your trip in Vietnam, this is one of the most exciting point for many travelers. But now, there are still many telephone booths for people use as normal to keep the main responsibility.

Telephone booths


Souvenirs in the Post Office

Taking photo outside Post Office

And this is the place attracts many people, especially in the weekend.  For the couple and teenager and tourist, they gather to take picture to keep the most beautiful moments.

Enjoy your trip in Vietnam!