March 30, 2023
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The persimmon season in Da Lat

The persimmon season in Da Lat

The persimmon season in Da Lat often lasts from mid-September to late November or early December. If you come to Da Lat at this time, you will be overwhelmed by the yellow color of persimmon gardens.Opposite to some vegetables and flowers in Da Lat, the persimmon trees are planted naturally without greenhouses.

A persimmon tree in the garden

The gardens of persimmon are often far from the city center. From Da Lat market, you can go to the persimmon garden near Bao Dai III Palace which is on Trieu Viet Vuong street or ride about 5km to Mimosa Pass. Some persimmon trees are surround many vegetable gardens and create a beautiful landscape.

A scenic picture of a girl

People often come here to take pictures on the garden of rich persimmon, enjoy at the spot or buy gifts for relatives.

A dried persimmon product made from local house

Beside the ripe persimmon, crunchy persimmon is preferred by many people because of its sweetness and pleasant aroma. There are many types of persimmon and the price is different. The lowest price from the garden you can find is around 15,000 VND per kg.

Tips to visit persimmon garden:

When you visit persimmon garden, please ask permission from owner garden to pick fruits or eat directly. If there is no entrance fee, you can buy some persimmons before leaving. It is like a support for the garden owner. Don’t litter or break the branch of the trees.

A portrait picture 

Hope you can catch up the persimmon season on time and have many nice pictures on your Instagram.