January 28, 2022
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Biggest tomb in central Ho Chi Minh – Tomb of Le Van Duyet

Biggest tomb in central Ho Chi Minh – Tomb of Le Van Duyet

Tomb of Le Van Duyet, also known as Tomb of the Marshal in Ba Chieu, is a Vietnamese tomb located in Bình Thạnh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The tomb was originally built for Marshal Le Van Duyet (1764-1832) and his wife but later became some other Nguyen Dynasty’s mandarins worship house.

The tomb was built in 1832 on a tortoise-shaped high mound which is a favourable position. According to the Oriental geographical concept, the tomb is located on a good layer of earth of the sacred land so it helps bring prosperity, peace and happiness to the local people.

The temple and Le Van Duyet’s tomb are set in a park. Emperor Minh destroyed the tomb after Le Van Duyet posthumously tried and found of treason. Later, Emperor Tu Duc repaired the injustice and restore marshal’s tomb and standing through a royal decree.

The temple is recognised from a distance by its large triple entrance gate. Inside the temple several altars dedicated to various cults. A portrait of Le Van Duyet in full court costume hangs over the central altar.

During the Tet festivities, thousands of Vietnamese and Chinese pilgrims visit the temple for their horoscopes. The temple is most crowded on the anniversary of Le Van Duyet death, which falls on 30th day of the seventh lunar month.

Tomb of Le Van Duyet

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