March 30, 2023
Vietnamese Culture

Street Coffee

Street Coffee

Street coffee is a style for trading on motorbikes are very popular now in some big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City. Because there’s low investment, no need hiring staff, no cost for rent a place as a coffee shop with high rental fee. But the profit of business is so good. It’s become more popular. That’s the reason why on the street you are easy to see and catching the eyes of the road.

Easy to recognize with all yellow colors.

The billboards with the hotline phone number is put in the motorbikes.

If you want to enjoy a cup of “take away coffee” ,you can order there or just make a call and after 10min later, he will deliver to the place. And this is a good choice for people who work in the office, they no need to go out for hot and sunny weather, but the price is vey reasonable , just only 15.000 vnd/glass, very cheaper than at coffee shop. It’s very convenience.

Making coffee for client by a young boy

If someone going for a walk, so little bit tired, can take away coffee here, Dong Khoi street is on the central of Ho Chi Minh City, some foreigners used to visit here as well.

Coffee seller’s very funny and lovely, always smile with clients.

Let’s try this Vietnamese coffee – at the corner of Nguyen Du & Dong Khoi street, Dist 1, near North Dame Cathedral area, a little bit straight to Dong Khoi St, in the opposite with 233 Dong Khoi St. It’s easy to find with yellow motorbike.

Contact No : 093 909 9597