May 23, 2022
Vietnamese Culture

Vietnamese Food Culture

Vietnamese Food Culture

Vietnamese food culture is rich and varied from the way it is processed to the taste of the food. Each region  in Viet Nam have unique dishes. However, to summarize, food culture of Vietnam has nine typical characteristics as follows:




Vietnamese people are easily to absorb the culinary culture of other ethnic groups, other regions to processed into themselves. This is also the highlight of our cuisine from the North to the South.


* Tasteful flavor:


When processing, Vietnamese people often use fish sauce, combine with a lot of other spices … so the food is very tasteful. Each of the different dishes has the corresponding sauce to suitable with the taste.



* Using chopsticks:


Vietnamese people have the habit of using chopsticks while eating. Vietnamese chopsticks are always present in every family meal, even when roasting.



* Prepare everything on the tray:


Many dishes at the same time in the meal is a feature of the Vietnamese food culture. Vietnamese people have the habit of preparing in the tray, preparing many dishes at one meal at the same time, not like Western food. Bring it out.


One of populer food in Vietnamese meal


* Community Characteristics:


The community is very clear in Vietnamese cuisine, there is a bowl of fish sauce that many people use together, or can separate into small bowls from the same bowl.


* Many flavors:


Vietnamese dishes usually include many kinds of foods such as meat, shrimp, crab ,… with vegetables, beans and rice.


There is also the synthesis of many flavors such as sour, spicy, salty, sweet, fatty …


* Less fat into food:


Vietnamese food is mainly made from vegetables, fruits, so it is low in fat, not as much meat as Western countries, not much greasy like Chinese.


* Hospitality:


Hospitality are expressed by the offer before each meal. Before each meal, Vietnamese people often have the habit of inviting. Invitations to express communication, affection, hospitality, respect for others …