December 05, 2021
Vietnamese Food

Bún Thang- a sophisticated Northern Vietnamese noodle soup

Bún Thang- a sophisticated Northern Vietnamese noodle soup

In Vietnamese cuisine there are many types of noodle soup, but the most significant one of Hanoi city is Bún Thang. It is a must-try dish for anyone who wants to explore the true taste of Hanoi cuisine.

Bun thang is a famous dish of Hanoi, including rice vermicelli – white and in small strings, scrambled eggs – very thin and sliced evenly, chicken – tender and shredded with skin. Compared to Pho - a dish with simple ingredients, Bun thang has the outstanding feature of having a lot of ingredients such as dried pickled radishes, mushroom, herbs, dried shrimp, “giò” (Vietnamese ham), boiled eggs, ...

"Bún" meansrice vermicelli, about "thang", someone said that the word “thang” implies Chinese medicine which contains a variety of dried herbs, just like how this dish has a lot of ingredients. Others said “thang” simply means “soup” so its name means a noodle dish with soup. 

This noodle soup is traditionally eaten during “Tết” holiday, on the 4th day of the New Year to be precise. On this day, Vietnamese would burn joss paper and perform ritual worshipping to say thanks and farewell to their ancestors whose spirits have come to join the family during New Year’s eve. After that, the remaining food from the last days would be renovated to make “Bún Thang”.
This dish demonstrates Hanoi cuisine’s soul through its sophistication and complication in cooking yet balanced and delicate in taste.