January 28, 2022
Vietnamese Food

Tau Bay Beef Noodle in Sai Gon

Tau Bay Beef Noodle in Sai Gon

Opened in 1954, Pho Tau Bay is not only one of the oldest and most famous Pho in Ho Chi Minh but also represents the symbol of North style  culinary Pho. Pho Tau Bay restaurant was originally named as Pho Nhan (refers the owner’s name), however, Mr.Nhan  alway wore a pilot hat, hence, people called him Tau bay (airplane) to refer to his hat and the store got the name " Pho Tau Bay" due to its reason. Now this name is even more popular than the original name.

The borth of Pho Tau Bai focus on the taste of its clear and simple broth. Normally, Northern Pho uses more green onion, while the Southern has bean sprouts and a variety of herbs, including Thai basil and coriander. So once in there, don't try asking for bean sprouts, meat balls or anything considered Southernstyle of phở because they are not available here. Fresh basil,  corianders and a squeeze of lime are all that's allowed.


All you need is to enjoy slurping the aromatic broth, chomping down on the firm, generous and succulent cooked and rare beef.

Vietnamese beef noodle is suitable for cold evenings, after a hard-working day, or even for those who are sick.

Add: 435 Ly Thai To Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Open Time: 3:30AM-12:30 PM