September 23, 2020
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Fried ear elephant fish - dishes of Mekong Delta

Fried ear elephant fish  - dishes of Mekong Delta

Fried ear elephant fish  rolled with rice paper,vegetables with sauce fish is extremely rustic dishes of people on the Mekong Delta. Today I would like to share how to cook it ?

In my experience, these are my ways to get a delicous ear elephant fish :

j Clean the ear elephant fish  with cold water, drain and keep the original fin and oar , do not cut because it make fish becomes crispy and more delicous.

k Put an oil pan on a stove ,waiting a few second until it’s very hot after that continue put the ear elephant fish  into the pan. Please take note to make sure ear elephant fish  drowns into cooking oil ,the purpose is to make fish cooked and the fish become brittle and so fragrant.

l After fish cooked,take it out, drain oil and put on the same plate with rice paper,vegetables,star food, sprouts... to become more attractive peanuts will be roasted sprinkled on fish.

One thing is very necessary, if lack of it , it'll become so bad. And of course you want to know What’s that?

Yeah! It called fish sauce with chili garlic .

m Chili garlic sauce => How to make?

n Make a puree of garlic and chili, add suger, lemon milk,hot water. Put the fish sauce into , stir mixture , tasting until it feels delicious.

How to eat ear elephant fish after finish making?

Roll ear elephant fish  with vegetables,”bún” ,combine with chili garlic sauce . Enjoy  when fish hot is better.

I don't know how do you think? But for me, I want to eat right now. hehe...

Let’s experience the Mekong Tour  - Let’s  enjoy Fried ear elephant fish !!!

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