October 03, 2022
Vietnamese Food

Hue sweet soup – Let’s taste in your style

Hue sweet soup – Let’s taste in your style

As you know Hue food is very famous in Vietnam. Especially, Hue sweet soup is a part some of Vietnam food. There are many kind of Hue sweet soup with many different tastes, color. Some of it is luxurious of old royal palace such as: lotus seed, Phaseolus lunatus, longan fruit wrap lotus seed … Another is very common on the street and populated the younger such as:  corn, mung bean, black bean tea…

Long time ago, Royal Hue sweet soup is a favorite with fancy decoration. Another hand cooking process is extremely meticulous also made this food more special.

Today, Hue sweet soup is more simple to fix with modern life. With typical Vietnamese street vendors, sellers always known how to create hot delicious and refreshing cool of Hue sweet soup. You pay only 10 thousand dong for 1 sweet soup cup. That right, it is so cheap.

It’s amazing when you hear me mention the name of strange sweet soup- roasted pork wrapped in cassava flour. It has the salt of roasted pork and the sweet of soup which is feeling very interested. If you think this sweet soup is more great, let enjoy this unique flavor.