December 05, 2021
Vietnamese Food

Must try – Hanoi street food: “Pillow cake & Fried rice ball”

Must try – Hanoi street food: “Pillow cake & Fried rice ball”

The original address at 52 Ly Quoc Su is one of the best pillow bars in Ha Thanh. The owner is a fairly old-age, hard-tempered and nagging grandfather, but it does not disappear as it’s really delicious.


Goc Da food stall at 52 Ly Quoc Su Street


For more fried goodies, head to Quan Goc Da at 52 Ly Quoc Su Street near St Joseph’s Cathedral, where several women tend to a massive vat of frying oil. Pork, mushrooms and vermicelli noodles are encased in a pillow-shaped pastry called “banh goi”, the most in-demand menu item. Other options include “nem cua be” (crab spring rolls), “banh ran man” (glutinous rice balls filled with pork), and “banh ran ngot” (sweet glutinous rice balls).


Many kinds of fried cake


Fried “banh ran man” & “banh ran ngot”


The pillow cake is fried yellow color that looks very nice. Inside the meat pretty much meat, bean sprouts and marjoram are marinated quite fit. The crust is fried, thin, tangible and crispy, making the dish more attractive. When eating, dipping sauce with a bit sour, sweet, bit spicy with papaya salad and fewer vegetables to make the food becomes more delicious and eat not boring.



“Banh ran” here has two types of salty and sweet but the most preferred is still salty. A “banh ran man” here can be cut into 3 to 4 pieces and only a plate of about 5 pieces is enough to warm your belly.


“Banh ran” at Ly Quoc Su has to mention the soft, typical flour. The cake has just finished frying, hot and brittle, but still retain the softness of the cake. “Banh ran man” consists of meat, vermicelli, mint is seasoned nicely. In addition, here are also selling shrimp cake, fried “nem chua”, fried dumpling,… very convenient for you to enjoy Hanoi street food.


Fried “nem chua”


Here also has clean and well-aired space for a maximum group about 20 pax and menu as below: