August 19, 2022
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Phnom Penh Noodle Soup

Phnom Penh Noodle Soup

The Cambodian soup got its name from Phnom Penh, the largest and also the capital city of Cambodia.  Phnom Penh is located in the South of the country where there are a number of Khmer (Cambodian).  The food culture of this zone is the combination of Thai food, Chinese foods, and Phnom Penh noodle soups. However, according to many documents, Phnom Penh noodle soup was derived from Cambodian-Chinese.

When you have a bowl of Phnom Penh noodle soup, you will see ingredients like you would enjoy Phở including white noodles, meats, some bean sprouts, a little chopped cilantro, and a slice of lemon.

However, the dish has some differences. Phnom Penh noodle soup has ground pork, shrimps, pork liver, pork heart, two- three quail's egg and some roasted garlic and a little chopped Chinese chives leaves above. The broth of the Cambodian noodle soup is not the combination of pork bones, cinnamon, and anise but is the combination of pork bone, dried pickled radish, and dried shrimp.

Along with its popularity, Phnom Penh noodle soup has got various names; for example, My Tho noodle soup, Chinese wonton, and noodle soup, Sa Dec Chinese noodle, etc.