February 06, 2023
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Up to 22nd highway from Tay Ninh, 4-km from Saigon, that is Trang Bang town, the country of special food: fresh rice paper in fog and soup cake. You can find both of them anywhere, but nowhere make them better than Trang Bang because it is make from special local rice.    They roasted flour into cake, a little thick. The specialty is that it is roasted at 4-5 hour, then bring to dry under fog until it is soft, they put it in a sealed bag. We can eat anytime without water dripping it is still flanked and soft. Trang Bang people use this cake to eat with shrimp, meat, salad, coriander, gill, blit, and drong. In the Tet holidays, they can use with roasted salty meat, egg and sour mustard. The flavor of the cake with shrimp, meat, sauce, herb, chili, condiment make you never forget.   Flour for soup cake of Trang Bang is made of rice flour, not other flour. The fiber's size is larger than noodles. We can cook with pork, alery and carrot. In the bowl, we put in some meat, garlic, shallot, condiment and fish sauce. It is very cool to eat and drink this soup, and also flavor. Over hundred years, this dish is in Trang Bang and famous so far.

Banh trang Trang Bang is made from high-quality white rice, and is thicker than any other rice paper made around the country. Despite being very dry, it is soft enough to be rolled with shrimp, meat, salad, coriander, herbs, chili and dill. The flavor of the rice paper, together with the stuffing inside, makes for a delicious treat. It is usually dipped in fish or soy sauce.

Banh trang Trang Bang is eaten with many kinds of vegetables in Tay Ninh province only

Though famous internationally, the art of making banh trang phoi suong might well be dying out since a family earns very little by making it despite the hard work involved.

This type of food is really popular in Vietnam, if you know spring roll, you will know the way of eating it. It is always serves with a big dish of so many types of vegetable, several side dishes such as pickle, cucumber, pineapple, bean sprouts,...This food requires you to make it yourself in your own way. You pick your own ingredients and roll it with girdle cake.


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Normally, people use rice paper, but with “Bánh tráng Trảng Bàng”, you use girdle cake which is made in the different way, that is why it is much more special compared to normal rice paper. I heard that this girdle cake is made from local rice and by airing in the fog. That is why it is thicker than other girdle cake but still soft enough to roll and even a bit salty.

You can combine a lot of things in your own roll. There are pettioes meat, beef, pork pie, fried spring roll, ... adding some vegetable, herbs,.. then dipping in the special sauce called “mắm nêm” which must be eatten with “Bánh tráng Trảng Bàng”. Try one bite and you can feel the taste of fog, taste of nature, taste of the South.

With Hoang Ty Group is famous about Banh Trang Trang Bang, besides that they have others food like this:

Pork noodles -Photo of Hoang Ty Group


Crab noodles-Photo of Foody.vn

If you want to try Tay Ninh specialty in Saigon, this restaurant I recommend you this address :

Add: 01 Nguyen Huu Cau street, Tan Dinh Ward , Dist 1 , HCMC

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Add: 01 Nguyen Huu Cau street, Tan Dinh Ward , Dist 1 , HCMC

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