May 23, 2022
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What is the best bread in Saigon?

What is the best bread in Saigon?

Bread is an convenient dish. It suits with everything and can be eaten with anything, so how to combine is always an important factor to create a delicious bread of loaf. To be more attractive, people have to create their own features from things that no one can do. It may sound difficult, but it is the "recipe" to create the uniqueness of today's famous bakeries in Saigon such as Huynh Hoa bread.

If I continue to talk about the popularity of this bakery, it will become too boring. Because there were many articles about how famous Huynh Hoa bread was in Saigon. From the row of people waiting for the end of a corner, until the high price of 42,000 vnd / loaf of bread (the price increased a few months ago) was equal to a bowl of quality beef  soup noodle . But for no reason why, for more than 10 years, Huynh Hoa bread has always been able to keep customers , even more and more famous.

Perhaps the secret is in the dish of pate and cold meat - the "power" to make the magic of Huynh Hoa bread.

Many Vietnamese and foreign tourists must also line up to wait to buy for the most famous bread in Saigon.

Firstly, the Paté here is super smooth, feeling like each piece of pork liver has been pureed as much as possible, so just look at it and see every tiny piece of pork liver blend together.

The surface is sleek, with the color looks extremely attractive.

Speaking of Pates, perhaps, those who are afraid of fat will immediately remove it first, but Huynh Hoa ‘s pate make them think again. There is a fragrance, a strong flavor. Sweet, salty, sweet, fragrant, ... all blended into together, it has created a unique character for Pate Huynh Hoa.

However, in Huynh Hoa bread, it is impossible not to mention the synthesis of cold meats. Hams, pork bologna, ... which are all delicious.

Cold meat is neatly folded and clean in glass shelves

Not to mention about eating, just looking at the cold layer of meat in the cupboard makes you want to enjoy as soon as possible.
Each piece of meat is trimmed with a neat machine, the thickness is moderate, there is no deviation, so when you put it in, make the bread more attractive.
Sometimes biting the black pepper will add to the great taste.

Rub cotton and raw vegetables, sour mustard made the bread more attractive

Besides bread, this place also sells delicious dumplings.

Add: 26 Le Thi Rieng Street, Ben Thanh Ward, Dist 1, HCMC, Viet Nam

Open time: 14:30-23:00 Daily